The Quiet Mind

People are increasingly becoming Interested In and practicing meditation.

The perceived benefits of meditation are of course the main focus of attention. A still and calm mind, which is in agreement with everything, has become increasingly of interest to almost anyone who is sick and tired of being stressed, depressed, anxious, bored and irritated.

The hope that there is a way to immediately improve ones mental state has captured the imaginations of vast numbers of thoughtful people. And given the general state of so many human beings, who could blame them?

The human mind, brain and our breathing pattern is not even close to what is was hundreds of years ago, when the ideas of meditation where first being formulated into spoken and written language. 50 it is reasonable to assume that whilst the goals of meditation may remain largely unchanged, their practical application should be adjusted to the current experiential reality. In other

words many ancient meditation techniques worked reliably hundreds of years ago – but are not finding traction in our current environment.

The ideas behind the Buteyko Method are entirely consistent with the ideas of meditation – not in terms of traditions, dogmas and belief systems – but more on the level of physiology and biochemistry of the mind body mechanism. This should come as a relief as instead of negotiating our way around sacred dogmas and traditions, we can move unimpeded into matters of immediately practical benefit.

We welcome mediators of all traditions and those who simply wish to improve their skills around the mind.

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